Saturday Art Class

The aim of this art group is to encourage anyone who has never tried drawing and painting to have a go. Our art group was set up with a small grant from Hampshire County Councillor Roger Price (Devolved Funds) . This has enabled purchase of art materials, so members just bring themselves.

 The lessons began with simple basic drawing and painting skills and have slowly moved on towards more complex still lives and landscapes. At the present time the class is full with 14 members. However, places may become available from time to time, names are being taken on a waiting list.

Everyone can draw or paint!  All you need is someone to teach you how to do it!

Members of our Saturday Art Class painting a jungle mural ready for the children to enjoy at Andy Pandy Pre-school in January 2017. Haven't they done a grand job!


The Art class took part in the SAA World record art challenge, which encourages artists of all abilities to make a small painting or drawing which will be part of a record breaking exhibition in Newark. Above are some the contributions from the Saturday Art class. Aren't they lovely!

A wonderful drawing by Betty Rose.


A sketch of stones by the talented Susanne McGowan